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This blog would not have been possible without the efforts of Gordon Kwok, researcher and compiler, of the Association to commemorate the Chinese serving in the American Civil War. The website features the work of the following contributors:

Terry Foenander
Robert E. Hale
Thomas P. Lowry
Ruthanne Lum McCunn
Irving Moy
Edward Scott Milligan (1932–2010)
Thomas G. Oey
Shaie-Mei Deng Temple (c1950–2002)
Dr. Qingsong Zhang
and many others

Here is a list of search keywords that were useful, in varying degrees, for finding articles in books and magazines about the Chinese in the American Civil War.

Chinaman pensioner
Chinaman sailor
Chinaman soldier
Chinaman veteran

Chinamen pensioner
Chinamen sailor
Chinamen soldier
Chinamen veteran

Chinese pensioner
Chinese sailor
Chinese soldier
Chinese veteran
Chinese Civil War veteran

Celestial pensioner
Celestial sailor
Celestial solider
Celestial veteran

Confederate Chinese
Confederate Chinaman
Confederate army Chinaman
Confederate army Chinese

Union Chinaman
Union army Chinaman
Union army Chinese

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