Saturday, February 28, 2015

Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War

Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War is available at Eastern Nationals’s eParks website and and Western National Parks Association’s website. The 259-page book was produced by the National Park Service. Carol A. Shively is the editor. The contributors are Dr. Gary Y. Okihiro, Ruthanne Lum McCunn, Ted Alexander, Dr. Justin Vance, Anita Manning, Terry Foenander, Gordon Kwok, Irving Moy, Jessica Garcia, Mike Weinstein, Laura A. Miller, Marla R. Miller, Richard Hoover, Steve Phan, Barry Crompton, Tom Brooks, Ed Milligan, and Alex Jay.

The following people of Chinese descent are profiled or mentioned in the book. The names are linked to my blog posts.

Further Reading
Asians and Pacific Islanders in the Civil War
March 2015
PDF of Asians and Pacific Islanders with information about each one

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Chinese Union Soldier, 1863 POW

The Daily Dispatch
(Richmond, Virginia)
June 17, 1863
From Fredericksburg.
There was nothing from Fredericksburg by last evening’s train except twelve Yankee prisoners captured at Falmouth. They were a motley set, including Irish, Dutch, and a Chinaman. A gentleman who walked over the course on the Stafford aide says there is not a Yankee about the old camping ground. A few worthiest tents are left standing, some bayonets dropped about in the old camps, cartridge boxes, “played out” uniforms, which would be valuable to a paper mill, tin cups, canteens with holes in them, a broken cannon wheel, &c., show that the large family which has been occupying the premises have carefully cleaned up everything valuable before leaving.

The Chinese Union soldier POW was John Tomney.

Tomney is in the National Park Service book, Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War.

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