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Antonio Dardelle

Born: 1845
Died: January 18, 1933, Connecticut
Naturalized October 22, 1880

Union Army
Enlisted August 23, 1862
Private, Company A
27th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry

Catalogue of Connecticut Volunteer Regiments, from the Fourteenth to the Twenty-eighth Inclusive, and Second Light Battery
Twenty-seven Regiment Connecticut Volunteers.
Infantry Company A.
Dardelle, Antonio

The Weekly Courant
(Hartford, Connecticut)
January 31, 1863
Soldiers in Hospital in Rhode Island.—
The following Connecticut soldiers were in hospital at Portsmouth Grove, R.I., on the 24th inst. The list is furnished us by one of the officers of the hospital:
27th Regiment—…Antonio Dardell, Co. A…contusion or injury by shell…

Catalogue of Connecticut Volunteer Organizations, with Additional Enlistments and Casualties
Twenty-seven Regiment Connecticut Volunteers.
Infantry Company A.
Dardelle, Antonio

The “Twenty-seventh”
A Regimental History
Winthrop D. Sheldon, A.M.
Morris & Benham, 1866
Catalogue of Enlisted Men.
Infantry Company A.
Dardelle, Antonio

Doud–Dowd and Allied Families
Oscar L. Doud
Dowd Association, 1976
4730. Mary C. Payne, b. 1845, m. 1868, Antonio Dardell.

Greenough, Jones & Co’s New Directory of the Inhabitants, Institutions, Manufacturing Establishments, Business, Societies, Business Firms, etc. etc. in the City and Town of New Haven for 1874–’75
Greenough, Jones & Co., Compilers and Publishers, 1874
Dardell Antonio, tinsmith, house 108 Dixwell avenue

The New York Times
March 17, 1882
The city of New-Haven Conn., contains one naturalized Chinaman, Antonio Dordelle [sic] by name. He was naturalized in the Court of Common Pleas in that city Oct. 22, 1880, and had not been obliged to “declare his intentions,” the papers which certified to his enlistment in the Twenty-seventh Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, Oct. 22, 1862, and to his honorable discharge from the United States Army July 25, 1863, being accepted, under the United States statute, as an equivalent to the taking out of first papers.

The Weekly Statement
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
June 23, 1886
Antonio Dardell

New Haven Register
August 8, 1888
Co. A on Pot Island.
Sail in Barnes’ Naphtha Launch.
Veterans of When New Haven Has Ever Reason to Be Proud—Gen. Sloat, president of the Association, Comes Up From New York to Attend the Twenty-First Reunion.

For 21 years the survivors of Co. A, Twenty-seventh regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, have met on the second Wednesday in August. To-day the reunion was held at Pot Island.

…Company A was recruited almost entirely from the New Haven Grays, going into field wearing the uniform of the Grays. It was officered entirely of Grays, and furnished Grays as officers for the entire regiment with but a few exceptions.

…The man whom everybody shook hands most cordially with is the only native of the Chinese Empire who has earned and become a citizen of the United States by virtue of having served in the Union army. This gentleman is Antonio Dardell, the College street tinsmith. Mr. Dardell enlisted in Company A at the outset, and fought all the way through. At the battle of Chickamauga he was scratched by a rebel bullet. Captain Sloat says Antonio looked very threateningly at the rebel lines and vowing to pay it back he kept up a volley, forgetting his wound in his desire to even the score. He was captured with the company at Chancellorsville and went to Libby prison.

The National Tribune
(Washington, DC)
October 30, 1890
J.E. Standard, Co. G, 14th Conn., Welaka, Fla., having seen the mention of genuine Chinamen in the army, says he know Joe Pierce as a true soldier. There was another Chinaman in the 27th Conn, named Antonio Dardell, who was brought from China by a Capt. White when quite young. Dardell served his time with credit, and now lives in New Haven.

New Haven Register
September 5, 1894
Republican Delegates Chosen.
Republican Caucuses were held last night as follows:
Third ward—State convention…Antonio Dardell…

New Haven Register
August 7, 1896
New Haven Caucuses.
Election of Delegates to the Republican Town Convention.
Republican caucuses were held in the Third and Sixth Wards last night. The delegates elected go to the Town Convention at which are elected the delegates to the various State, Senatorial, Congressional, Representative, etc., Conventions. in the Third Ward these delegates were chosen:
Congressional—…Antonio Dardell…

New Haven Register
November 23, 1897
Delegates Chosen.
At the Third Ward Republican caucus held last night the following delegates to the town convention were elected: …Antonio Dardell…

New Haven Register
September 2, 1898
Backers of Porter Win
New Haven Delegation Will Favor McKinley’s Secretary.
The results of the Republican caucuses held in the city last night indicate that the New Haven delegation to the State Convention will put up in the interests of John Addison Porter, candidate for Governor….

The several delegates chosen are as follows:
Third Ward.
Senatorial—Antonio Dardell…

New Haven Register
June 1, 1899
Dewell Faction Triumphs
Farnsworth Crowd Defeated at Eighth Ward Republican Caucus

A handful of Republicans met in the Third Ward and chose the following named committees: …Antonio Dardell...

New Haven Directory 1899
No. 60
Price & Lee Company, Publishers, 1899
Dardell Antonio, tinner, also stoves and ranges 292 George, h do.

Boston Evening Transcript
June 30, 1913
Old Soldiers Leave New Haven
Delegation Numbering 600 Accompanied by Governor Baldwin—One Veteran a Chinaman
…In the New Haven delegation was Antonio Gardell [sic], a Chinaman, who served with the Twenty-Seventh Connecticut Volunteers.

The New England Business Directory and Gazetteer for 1922
Sampson & Murdock Company
Dardell Antonio

The Boston Herald
January 25, 1933
$80,000 Left by Chinese Who Served in Civil War
[Special Dispatch to The Herald]
New Haven, Jan. 24.—Antonio Dardell, said to have been the only Chinese who fought in the civil war and who died here last week at 91, left an estate of $80,000. His wealth was invested in Connecticut securities which suffered little depreciation in the last three years. His will directed that the income of the estate go to his three daughters and other death to Wooster lodge of Freemasons of this city.

Association to commemorate the Chinese serving in the American Civil War has two profiles of Dardelle by Ruthanne Lum McCunn and Dr. Qingsong Zhang, and a photograph, possibly, of Dardelle.

Chinese in the Civil War: Ten Who Served” by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

National Park Service

North & South, April 1999, page 36

Dardell is profiled in the National Park Service book, Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War.

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