Thursday, March 20, 2014

Edward Day Cohota, 1881 and 1885

Sacramento Daily Record-Union
March 22, 1881
Edward Cahota [sic], a well-educated Chinaman, is in the United States army and stationed at Fort Stanton, Col.

The National Tribune
(Washington, DC)
October 15, 1885
Among those present at the Reunion was Edw. D. Cohota, of Santa Fe, N.M. This comrade, a native of China, was a member of Co I, 23d regiment, and afterwards was several years in the Regular Army. He came to Gloucester when quite young, and enlisted from there at the age of 18 years. Were there any other natives of China in the Union army as privates?

Cohota is profiled in the National Park Service book, Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War.

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